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All Hail Fluke!!!

The media hearts Sandra Fluke. Check out this piece of objective journalism:

Feminist sensation Sandra Fluke had her 15 minutes of fame extended by a Washington Post puff piece by reporter David Fahrenthold on Tuesday. “Not done testifying” was the headline. Fluke aspires to be an "independent voice," despite the article displaying she was discovered earlier this year in a Google search by Democrats and has campaigned for Democrats ever since. The official excuse for this extension of fame was “a debate between [no label!] Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and conservative Bill O’Reilly.” The Fox News star proclaimed Fluke should buy her own birth-control pills
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Mary De Voe said...

The HHS Mandate was slipped into Obamacare after Congress legislated it. Organ harvesting without informed consent is next. A few contraceptive pills and your body belongs to the state as state property. It is already operative. Cruel and unusual punishment against the Eighth Amendment in devastating penalties and imposing the will of the government over the will of the people. A few pills and now your liver, or maybe your heart, or maybe a kidney or two belong to the HHS Mandate.

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