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1571: The Battle of Lepanto

This is a good article about one of the most important battles in Western civilization that's almost completely ignored.

The Turkish fleet came on imposing and terrible, all sails set, impelled by a fair wind, and it was only half a mile from the line of galliasses and another mile from the line of the Christian ships. D. John waited no longer; he humbly crossed himself, and ordered that the cannon of challenge should be fired on the “Real,” and the blue flag of the League should be hoisted at the stern, which unfurled itself like a piece of the sky on which stood out an image of the Crucified. A moment later the galley of Ali replied, accepting the challenge by firing another cannon, and hoisting at the stern the standard of the Prophet, guarded in Mecca, white and of large size, with a wide green “cenefa,” and in the center verses from the Koran embroidered in gold.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I suggest all your readers look at this:


Sophia's Favorite said...

Supposedly Don John had a reproduction of the image from the tilma of St. Juan Diego—Our Lady of Guadalupe—on his flagship.

Once again the Cihuapiltzin Coatlaxopeuh lived up to her title.

Anneg said...

This is also the anniversary of the Battle of Tours, when Charles Martel led the army of the Franks and many from northwestern Europe to stop the Ummayad invasion. Martel's victory began the Reconquista of Christian lands from the Muslims. The battles did not end on the Iberian Peninsula until 1492 and in the east at the victory of the Seige of Vienna in 1532.
Eight hundred years of struggle to protect our Christian heritage. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Important battle! Look at what 2 Catholic homeschooled students are doing with the Battle of Lepanto and other important historic stories at:
You won't be disappointed!

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