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This is How Powerful Teacher's Unions Are

Teacher abuses student on video and is only transferred:

The fine state of public education and the iron fortress of the teachers unions gets yet another black eye this week after video emerged of a shocking incident which took place in the classroom earlier this year. The action allegedly took place back in February in Gig Harbor, Florida Washington, but the public didn’t become aware of it until a video shot on cell phone by another student began making the rounds and the child’s family is crying foul.
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Mary De Voe said...

One of the suit's settlements is that the child and parents get to choose any school they want and the board of education gets to pay for it. A boy slapped in the face got to go to a Muslim Academy in another state and the Board of Education got to pay for it, every cent.
Infantile behavior on the part of the teacher, taking his inadequacies out on a minor person, whom he is charged to educate and rear as in loco parentis, in place of the parents, with parental power of attorney, must be curtailed at all costs.
What a criminal waste of tax dollars this overgrown, immature abuser and batterer is.

Jeff Miller said...

As much as I am not a fan of teachers unions, I don't think that you can necessarily point all the blame at them here.

The same thing happened in the priestly abuse scandal and pretty much many abuse scandals in other professions. Transfer was a rather common solution.

Though as far as they have not learned from other scandals it does make it worse to some extent and teachers unions certainly make it more likely a teacher will be transferred over fired.

Mary De Voe said...

My first thought is: God is watching, if only through the lense of a student's camera, the memory of the victim's brain, and the abusers themselves.

Sophia's Favorite said...

@Jeff Miller: uh, how exactly do the teachers' unions not represent an organized form of the attitude we think of as "clericalism", which was largely responsible for the mishandling of the abuse?

And in some states (New York), the teachers' unions have made it so dozens of malefactors are paid to do nothing all day—because they have to be kept away from students, but firing them is practically impossible.

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