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Rove Advised Komen to Fund Planned Parenthood

So Rove is working hard to save Planned Parenthood? Perfect. Just perfect. I'm not surprised. The guy's a consultant. He's not paid to be brave. He's paid to see the angles that's best for the organization's survival and consult in that way. Rove is probably just not all that interested in right and wrong. Sad. Rove has never seemed to be a pro-lifer in any real way. Maybe he is but I've never gotten that vibe from anything he's said.

The new book Planned Bullyhood, scheduled for release tomorrow, chronicles the insider perspective of Karen Handel, the former Komen for the Cure vice president who quit after the breast cancer charity reversed its decision and funded Planned Parenthood after deciding to end grants to the abortion giant. The book contains a section in which Handel essentially accuses Karl Rove of giving Susan G. Komen for the Cure CEO Nancy Brinker bad advise on the Komen-Planned Parenthood fight. As Handel tells it, Rove told Brinker Komen should reverse course and renew funding to Planned Parenthood, while Handel attempted to convince the cancer group’s founder to stay the course on its December 2011 decision to revoke funding to groups like Planned Parenthood that don’t directly provide mammograms for women.
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Anonymous said...

Sadly, Rove is one of the GOP establishment string-puller types who continue to shove awful neocon candidates down our throats (as they did again this year), while the dems just nominated and elected one of the most liberal politicians in government. And sadly, most republican lemming voters will always surrender their votes and pull the lever for the establishment's picks, regardless of what articles like this one express about establishment types such as Rove. It's talk without action.

Sophia's Favorite said...

@anonymous: Romney, a neocon? Compared to whom, Tokugawa Ieyasu?

"Neocon" actually means something specific, and Romney isn't one. Did you maybe mean RINO? Because that's much closer to applying to him.

Of course, since you simply use "neocon" as a term of abuse, I'm guessing you're a Paulbot (also because you can't figure out how to sign a combox). And Paul is also a RINO—because he's a Dixiecrat, David Duke endorsement and all.

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