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Oh Nooooo!!! A Christmas Story Sequel

And they don't seem to understand at all what made the first one so good. Check out the trailer just to cringe and then forget you ever saw it:

Throughout history, there have been movies that should never have been made. Ishtar. Heaven’s Gate. The Happening. Grease 2. Anything starring that Jim Varney dude. As bad as those were, this one might eclipse them all.
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jb said...

There already was another movie with the same family as they go on a summer vacation, taking place when Ralphie was 14. Jean Shepherd wrote/narrated it again, but it's so obscure that no one has ever heard of it.

It's called "Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss."

For real.

I have it on VHS. It's also pretty hilarious, even though all the actors are different. Jerry O'Connell plays Ralphie. I think Flick's and Schwartz's personalities are switched around, too, but otherwise it's a great movie and one that my family quotes all the time.

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

XANADU -- I'm still in therapy for that.

But then there is the delightful comedy TITANIC. Is there anyone so hard-hearted that he cannot shed tears of joy when Jack freezes to death? But of course there is also the possibility that he drowned from being overloaded with Socialist class-warfare cliches'.

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