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From Juvenile Delinquent to Priest

An awesome story about a mother's prayer.

When my twelve-year-old son, Donnie became involved with drugs and alcohol, as far as I could tell, he was still the same obedient and kindhearted son he had always been. We had been close during his childhood but I failed to recognize the changes he was going through. In many ways, Donnie and I grew up together. I was only eighteen when I had him, so I went from being a teenager to a mother. We always had a strong love and bond between us. When Donnie was ten-years old, I married Don Calloway, an officer in the Navy. The two Dons in my life took to each other with great affection. Don soon adopted my son as his own.
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Frank said...

We were blessed to personally hear Fr. Calloway tell his story. I remember him telling us to be kind to any street peopele we may encounter - he may be our next pastor!

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