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Are Movies Evil?

Michael Brown thinks maybe so:

There is something about television and movies -- more than radio or the internet (except perhaps for YouTube) -- that seems to confer a strange anointing, what we know as "celebrity." Perhaps it is the size of the screen or the thought that someone is so many places -- in a million homes -- at once. It is a dangerous place for clergy. Is there something inherently the matter with it? The Vatican tells us to use modern means of communication, and surely good comes from it (particularly when it transmits the Mass). But is there indeed a mysterious strangeness, a bubble of the artificial (an artifice)? When someone is a celebrity, or "electrifying," a flag should go up, for this is the devil's turf (said Saint Pio).
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Sue said...

I would say Michael Brown is correct. Let's just take a look at some of the shows out there. There is "Dexter". He is the good serial killer. "Weeds" where the mom helps pay bills by selling drugs. "Californication", the good porn star. "Breaking Bad" the good dying man drug dealer. The "new normal" where the family is anything but normal. I could go on and on, but it sure seems the recurring theme of moral relativity and making bad things seem good is running through them. I will agree with Padre Pio, the devil is in the TV, and we all sit there and brainlessly watch, all the while, the mark of the beast (sin accepted in our head and moved to action in our hands) is already upon us.

Ivana said...

Movies are not evil !! we can learn so much from them ( from right movies of course )

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