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And One in Heaven

Beautiful. Thank Celeste for sharing this story:

“And how is the little one enjoying vacation?” I was lying on my back on a hotel room bed, with one hand holding the phone to my ear and the other hand resting on my pregnant belly. “He’s liking it just fine, Mom,” I answered. Then, feeling a small quiver of movement below my navel, I added, “And he says ‘hello’ to his grandma.” Exactly three weeks later I was again lying on my back, this time on a hospital room table. I was afraid to look at the monitor, so I fixed my eyes on a corner of the ceiling and tried hard to think of pleasant things. It was a sunny August day, and my seven children were probably having a grand time at my friend Jean’s place. Jean and her family lived in a huge old house with lots of good hiding places, and a backyard with an in-ground pool. I imagined the kids splashing happily in the pool, and then drying off and heading indoors for a round of hide-and-seek…
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