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Vid: Abortionist Defends Killing "Ugly Black Babies"

You've got to see this. This guy is admitting to racist eugenics right on camera:

The abortion industry has always had a racial component — since the days of Margaret Sanger and her eugenics past — and more evidence of the inherent racism within abortion has come to light.

Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, is alerting people to a video that shows abortion practitioner Ashutosh Ron Virmani referring to the black children that he kills as “ugly black babies.”
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Paige Kellerman said...

And meanwhile, America is distracted by chicken sandwiches...so sad.

Mary De Voe said...

No Paige, America is distracted by the fake husbands and fake wives demanding that fake marriage be legally recognized as true marriage. The more truth America has, the more free America will be. When an innocent person is put to death, no matter what color his skin may be, JUSTICE is violated. The government does not give life, nor liberty, nor personhood and the government violates all personhood with taking life, liberty and personhood away from any individual person born or unborn.

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