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She's Baaaack. Fluke to Campaign for Obama

Politics. It's all politics:

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student turned contraceptive activist, will hit the campaign trail in Denver for President Obama today.

While Fluke previously endorsed Obama, this is clearly a sign that the Obama campaign intends to keep the HHS mandate in the forefront of the political campaign while the economic news grows increasingly desperate. This political calculation is important because unmarried women reportedly supported Barack Obama by a 70-to-29 percent margin in 2008. If the Obama campaign wants to win re-election they need to keep and perhaps even build on that support. Clearly, the campaign believes the presence of Fluke on the campaign trail helps this effort.
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Mary De Voe said...

"Unless you honor me, I will make of you a "no people" Voters do not see Obama as punishment for their crimes against God, their rejection of the God WHO gave them freedom. American citizens have a master who is making of all people, a "no people"
Fluke thinks for one moment that she will be spared because she is "better" than the rest. Well, when she is used up, sick and old, her better than the rest master will discard her (Fluke) in the same way he discarded amighty God, "their Creator".

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