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Sherry: Why I'll Vote for Romney

It's the mandate, stupid:

Because of Obamacare. That’s it. That’s all. Everything else, I can deal with, but the HHS mandate is the straw. It is what made me from a person who follows politics and cares, into an irritated voter. This Tea Partier who up until now felt a bit timid about calling herself as such, is mad. I am a mother of ten children. I have a master’s in special education. I have worked, loved, thought, read and managed to live these past 46 years without needing Think Progress or any other group to tell me how to think or speak for me. I have read enough of the Health Care law and the subsequent policy fig leaf accommodations to know that I object to this law. It is bad policy. I am not a puppet of the GOP. I am tired of being dismissed because the media disagrees with my opinion. I am Catholic and I am American.
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