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Scandal: Saint Louis U. Law Dean Represented Woman Who Wanted Abortion

Wrongful life lawsuit by a dean of a Catholic law school. Horrific. Check out the details at The Cardinal Newman Society:

A Catholic Jesuit law school has announced that its new interim dean will be a personal injury lawyer who in 2010 reportedly represented a mother in a “wrongful life” lawsuit, claiming doctors had failed to detect that her child had a congenital condition leading to the loss of the baby’s left foot. Had she known, the woman said she would have aborted the baby. Following the abrupt resignation of the previous dean, Saint Louis University announced last week that alumnus Thomas Q. Keefe Jr. would be the interim dean of SLU’s School of Law. Keefe, whose email includes the words “Isuedocs,” reportedly represented Amber Gray in 2010, after federal courts declined jurisdiction over her suit filed in 2008.
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