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Paul Ryan’s Bishop Defends Him

Now, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Ryan’s bishop, has waded into this election-year minefield, clearly concerned that a valued member of his flock is being unfairly attacked by partisan forces.

In a column posted on his diocesan website Aug. 16, Bishop Morlino vouches for Ryan’s Catholic bona fides, but stresses that his remarks should not be viewed as an endorsement of Ryan or any candidate.

“I know him very well. He is in regular communication with his bishop.

“I am defending his reputation because I am the one who, as his diocesan bishop, should have something to say about this, if anyone does,” Bishop Morlino told the Register during an Aug. 15 telephone interview.

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bill bannon said...

The Catholic writing on Ryan is never detail on whether his $800 billion cuts by the Fed over ten years on Medicaid ( not Medicare) would make abortions more likely and hurt you yourselves if a stroke put you in a nursing home in late life. Medicaid payments currently assist nearly 60 percent of all nursing home residents and about 37 percent of all childbirths in the United States ( single girls making under 15K with no insurance). This Ayn Rand/ Aquinas stuff takes no great work. The medicaid implications do.

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