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Neumayr: Obama Roasts Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Timothy Dolan's geniality makes him ill-suited to head up an embattled church in America -- a problem that the unfolding fiasco of the Al Smith dinner illustrates.

The New York prelate's invitation to the Church's most powerful foe, President Barack Obama, has outraged Catholics across the country, who want to know from Dolan: Why would you invite our enemy to a night of merriment? Why would you honor him at an event for a charity that his contraceptive mandate will break? And why would you let him use such an occasion to dupe Catholics into voting for his reelection?

They interpret the invitation as a symbol of episcopal waffling and a worldly church's penchant for prizing prestige over principle, as if guarding the marquee status of the Al Smith dinner were more important than avoiding scandal.

Cardinal Dolan took to his blog...

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Mary De Voe said...

When Jesus Christ was the HOST at the Last Supper, only the church was invited, and Judas was disinvited. Christ was a guest at all the other meals and did not invite the sinners who were dinnig with HIM. Jesus was criticized for accepting an invitation to dine with sinners. Sinners means everybody.Does He, (Jesus) know who He has chosen to dine with? Is the Al Smith dinner a secular dinner? It would be nice if Obama was disinvited to the Al Smith dinner as Judas was disinvited to the Last Supper by Jesus Christ.

Lori Pieper said...

Er, Mary, where do you get the idea that Judas was "disinvited"? I certainly recall him being there. Are you trying to say that he crashed the party? There is no record of Jesus telling him not to come in any of the Gospels. Plus it is recorded that he even ate out of the same dish as Jesus. Now people are just getting silly.

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