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How Long Until Obama Blames The Robots?

Robots doing jobs Americans won't do....

DRACHTEN, the Netherlands — At the Philips Electronics factory on the coast of China, hundreds of workers use their hands and specialized tools to assemble electric shavers. That is the old way.
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Articles and multimedia in this series examine the challenges posed by increasingly globalized high-tech industries.

At a sister factory here in the Dutch countryside, 128 robot arms do the same work with yoga-like flexibility. Video cameras guide them through feats well beyond the capability of the most dexterous human.

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David said...

I know Romney made a serious mistake by not choosing Gov. McDonnell of Virginia. This indiscretion will weigh heavily on Mitt's chances of winning the electoral college. There was no real reason to select Paul Ryan from an electoral college point of view because Ryan isn't well known throughout his home state. And even when Ryan is known, his favorable and unfavorable ratings hover at about 33% each, thus effectively cancelling any advantage he would have given Romney in the race for Wisconsin. In addition, the paultry 10 electoral votes from Wisconsin go to Obama whether Ryan is the vice presidential running mate or not.

A much better choice of a running mate would have been Gov. McDonnell of Virginia. McDonnell's favorable numbers are close to 56% and most everybody in the state knows him because he's run statewide to get into office as governor. This ultra high favorable rating could easily have worked to Romney's advantage by pushing Virginia into the Romney column in the electoral college. Right now, Virginia is leaning Obama. Further, if Virginia does go to the Obama column on election night, keep your eyes open for North Carolina to start to go to the Team Obama electoral surprise column. Why? Because the sentiment from one state can spread to a nearby state and affect voter attitudes. This could happen to North Carolina.

But remember the first ramification of Romney's running mate choice. If Romney had chosen McDonnell, the 13 electoral votes from Virginia could quite probably been scored easily into the Romney column on election night. Instead, Romney chose someone who isn't even well known or well liked in his home state of Wisconsin. Now there's almost no chance of overtaking the 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin. And, oh, I almost forgot something. Romney still has the problem of needing Florida to win the presidency. If Romney had chosen Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio he could have gone a long way to securing the presidency in q no brainer selection. Bush could have given Romney the instant conservative credentials that Romney seems to lack. And a choice of Rubio could have given Romney spanish speaking street credibility to fight back against some of Obama's near epidemic support among spanish speaking voters nationwide.

So we're now left to ask ourselves, what was Romney thinking when he selected Paul Ryan? This isn't an election for Chairman of the Board at Bain Capital. It's the electoral college that's at stake. And Romney may have cost himself the election even before a single vote gets counted.

Usually, very few states change from democrat to republican, or vice versa, in an election cycle where the incumbent president is running for re-election. The power of the presidency is just that, POWER. Romney doesn't even understand how to push electoral votes into his column. Maybe he's not such a smart businessman after all.

And then, there are those nagging issues of hidden money in Cayman Islands bank accounts and tax returns that he wants to hide. I've got some ideas on those things too.

The Baining of Mitt Romney

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