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Gay Activists Yell at Priest Praying Rosary

Gay activists yell and jeer at priest praying the rosary in their midst. At Wednesday’s repeat performance Chick-fil-A protest by Chicago gay activists, picketers emulated last Friday’s taunting of an elderly black man reading the bible by screaming and pointing at a priest praying the rosary in their midst. Continue reading>>>

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Mary De Voe said...

The Person of God has been banned from the public square. No one is safe. If the protesters had had their way the priest would have been sent to Siberia, or put to death. RUDE. CREATED EQUAL HAS COME TO MEAN POLITICALLY CORRECT EQUAL. Our tax dollars all count the same, so why is this man who happens to be priest and who pays his taxes denied the right to breath the same air as the gay? The privileged gays, the emasculated gays, the intolerant overseerers of brutality.

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