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8 Keys to Campus Ministry


Franciscan University of Steubenville. Benedictine College. Christendom College. University of Dallas. Wyoming Catholic College. Ave Maria College. Thomas Aquinas College. University of Nebraska. All these schools have something in common: a significant and outspoken population practically dripping with Catholic identity. A few days ago, my friend Fr. Robert Matya, the pastor at the University of Nebraska Newman Center, posted this image on his Facebook wall. This was the first Mass of the new school year, packed with standing room only. It was not a Sunday Mass. It was not a Holy Day of Obligation. This Mass was Thursday, August 23, at 10pm. Imagine: college students on a (very) secular campus arriving in droves for Mass late in the evening in the middle of the week. To the doomsayers who insist the Church must change or face extinction, I give you proof to the contrary. The faith is alive and well among the youth of the Church.
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