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Why Aren't Episcopalians Sexy?

CMR buddy Charlotte Hays writes at The Cornerhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif:

The Episcopal Church’s 77th General Convention, which just concluded in Indianapolis, made me think of a New Yorker cartoon oft-cited among former Episcopalians.

The cartoon features a nude male body being sacrificed on the altar of what is obviously an affluent Episcopal church in Manhattan, while two starchy, little old ladies in a pew look on. One says something like, “If they change one more thing, I’m out of here.”
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David E said...

The Rev. Nigel Incubator-Jones, rector of St. Looney-Up-The-Creambun, believes the Episcopal Church is heading in the right direction. "Turning away from traditional doctrine allows us to focus on our princpal concerns - money and respectability". He denies moreover, that Episcopalians are not sexy. "Our exquisite sense of moral superiority frequently causes us to cream in our pants".

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