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Revive This Land Music Video

Lisa Hendey at Faith and Family Live put up this vid. It's pretty catchy.

Today, I just have to share this fun video that I received from Catholic producer Joe Gleason who shared it with me along with the following note: “I’m a 25-year-old Catholic video producer from South Bend, IN, and I wanted to pass on to you a short music video… The video is shot with iPhones and features people young and old, Catholic and Protestant, singing and playing music in public places all over the country. It has a bit of a flash mob feel, but the message is a very basic one: pray for our nation. It’s a message with wide appeal and that needs a wide hearing, and I thought you might be interested in sharing this prayer with your readers.” I invite you to take five minutes, enjoy the song and share it with a friend today
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David L Alexander said...

Can we as Catholics pul-EEEEEEEZE stop using the name Y-HW-H to refer to God? This became quite the fad in the 1970s, and never should have started in the first place. The public use of the name is offensive even to marginally devout Jews. It is their tradition (and by extension, ours), that the name of the LORD is never uttered aloud, with one exception -- one day out of the year, in the temple of Jerusalem, behind the tabernacle veil, and only by the High Priest.

Other that that, it's got a good beat, I can dance the hora to it. I'll give it a 75. The use of you-know-what set it back ten points.

But hey, that's just me.

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