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On Why I Will Never Make a Negative Comment on a Blog Again

This is so odd. Maurisa wrote a comment about Katie Holmes and her return to a Catholicism. Her comment (which she regrets making) is exactly what I was writing the other day. I wrote three quarters of a post about it. While the parish she joined is more than a bit hippie dippie I wrote at least a part mocking Holmes' return to Catholicism. I was about a minute away from publishing it when I realized what if Holmes read it. I think the chances of it are a million to one. But what if her parents read it or someone in her family. I didn't want to be that guy. So I deleted the post. So I know exactly what Maurisa is talking about here because it's something I've done a hundred times. I made a comment and almost instantly realized I crossed the line. But she says it better than me so check her out.

A few days ago the Catholic blogosphere was all abuzz over the return of Katie Holmes to her Catholic roots. Yes, the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Cruise has registered in a parish in New York.
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Maurisa said...

Ack! And to think I struggled with publishing this post at all. Now more folks will know I can be a downright, uncharitable, holier-than-thou, harpy at times. Thanks, Matt. :)

Lauren said...

Reminds me of a very wise statement a teacher of mine used to say. "Don't make 'better' the enemy of 'good.'" She was talking about professional endeavors, but it applies to so many areas of life.

TomE said...

To showcase my own shallowness, I never thought that a "side-by-side" comparison would make a parish the caliber of St. FX look so attractive; yet the Church/Cult of Scientology manages to do just that.

Way to go, Katie!! Huge step in the right direction!

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