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Obama's September Surprise?

Phil Lawler writes at Catholic Culture:

If Barack Obama is a clever politician, he will soon offer the US Catholic bishops another “compromise” on the HHS contraceptive mandate. Such a gesture could boost the President’s chances for re-election, and obviously Obama would welcome that result. The proffered compromise could also cause deep divisions within the Catholic Church in America, and the President would welcome that development, too. Here’s the scenario, as I imagine it unfolding:
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Mary De Voe said...

Obama cannot restrict vocations, everyman's call to "Come follow me"

David said...

The weak spot in the theory is speculating on what the left fringe will do. Those in mainstream media may not cover left fringe reaction to such a move and those on the left who know such a "compromise" is a Trojan Horse would keep quiet. That is not sufficient to prevent a left fringe outcry. You do not give Catholics much credit for seeing through such a ploy and I do not give the left fringe enough credit to do so either. Just as many Catholics will see a headline proclaiming compromise and assume it is true and rejoice so will some on the left fringe see the headline and declare that Obama has sold them out. There are plenty of far out liberals who think Obama is a sellout for not having achieved much greater government control than he has. Granted, there is no rational basis in saying that he could have done more, but who said politics is a rational game? I doubt that he will attempt such a ploy as he cannot risk those who would like to be his most fawning supporters believing they have been sold out on anything involving sex. Frankly, the last offer of a compromise surprised me as this administration has shown mo willingness to compromise on anything, though they have been forced to accept less than what they want when they allow the Pelosi/Reed comedy act to lead.

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