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This is just great family fun:

As I was driving down the road with Gracie and Matthew the other day, we somehow got on the topic of Grace's employment opportunities. She told me that she plans on being a mom's helper for a friend of ours all summer long. I advised her that this was fine, but next summer, she will be getting a real job. She tried to convince me that being a mom's helper was a real job.
I explained to her that it is not a real job, it is something you do in addition to having a real job. In fact, most people call what you are doing babysitting. In fact, you have cleverly labeled your work as being a "mom's helper," but from the sounds of it, you are babysitting for kids WHILE THEIR MOTHER IS HOME! The poor mother has to make an extra helping of mac and cheese for you while you watch Phineas and Ferb with her kids, for crying out loud. You do that "job" at our house for free.
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