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Let's Dehyrdrate Mental Patients to Save $$$

Wait. I thought it was conservatives who cared so much about money:

Dehydrate dementia patients to death to save money: British Medical Journal editorial

The courts should not interfere with doctors who want to dehydrate to death incapacitated patients who are a drain on scarce financial resources, according to an editorial in this week’s edition of the prestigious British Medical Journal.
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Mary De Voe said...

Being a prime candidate, where is the difference of the concentration camp bunkers where the prisoners were starved to death, prisoners like Maximillian Kolbe and the hospitals. There is no difference. Taking the sovereign person's life and soul into their utility and dehydrating them to death, or shooting them in the back of the head, where is the difference? When one is put to death, the means is rather irrelevant.

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