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Hollywood about to Destory Anna Karenina!

Remember how bad Hollywood killed The Scarlet Letter by missing the entire point or like what they recently did to Brideshead Revisited? Well, they're about to do it with a big budget Tolstoy classic.

We all have books that imprint a lasting memory on us, not simply for the entertainment value, but rather for the way in which they communicate the truth of the human person. I just spent the better part of two hours and three cups of coffee with a good friend who described manner of influence that Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisted had upon him. It seems to me that the profundity of such texts is carried by their characters rather than their plot lines. True, the development of the characters is always serviced by the plot; but equally true is the direction of such service. In fact, this is more than likely the primary means by which many modern novels go astray: the characters are at the service of the plot rather than the other way around. Much of modern writing reads like a movie script rather than a work of literature.
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