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Damian Thompson Cracks Me Up

Sometimes he just nails it like nobody else can:

Where does the Church of England really stand on gay marriage? That’s a tricky one, but let me try to simplify things by presenting two snapshots of Anglican opinion.

The conservative point of view is that allowing gay weddings would “alter the intrinsic nature of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, as enshrined in human institutions throughout history”. The Coalition must drop its “deeply unwise” plans.

And, in contrast, a more open-minded approach: “The Church is scratching its head and trying to work out where it is on all that, and what to think about it.”

The first statement comes from Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Church’s submission to the Government this month.

And the second comes from Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking to Christian teenagers this week.

Hmm. The Catholic saint Padre Pio was said to have the gift of bilocation, of being in two places at once. Padre Rowan, in contrast, has the gift of biposition, of holding two contradictory opinions at once.
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Clinton said...

I suggest an alternative-- rather than having the
dubious gift of biposition, the current Archbishop
of Canterbury simply has no position at all. Rather
than teaching truth in and out of season, he just
tells his audience what he believes it wants to hear.
To a relativist, truth is after all only what one wants
it to be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Clinton. He pulled a "full Romney" on it. No conviction' just ambition.


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