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Cdl Burke: Mandatum Should Be Required, Disclosed to Students


Catholic families have a right to know which theology professors have the mandatum, and Catholic colleges and universities should require it as a condition for employment, affirmed the Vatican’s chief judge Cardinal Raymond Burke in a new report prompted by recent concerns from Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal Burke and several bishops, canon law experts, and theologians discussed the mandatum with The Cardinal Newman Society in an online report published today at www.cardinalnewmansociety.org.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

As a part-time, no-status, adjunct instructor at a community college, I'm rather worried about what sort of sensitive secular mandatum might be presented when the new term begins.

Mary De Voe said...

It will be great if one has already signed on to tell the truth. If one cannot distinguish the truth, then one ought to admit it and ask for help, and homework from the students.
If one has already signed the mandatum and one is fired then one has a religious discrimination lawsuit.

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