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Catholic Law Prof Suggests Fining Bishops


A law professor at Duquesne university is accusing the bishops of crossing the line separating church and state and even suggests an appalling interesting array of punishments and penalties in America Magazine.

Nicholas P. Cafardi, dean emeritus and professor of law at Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pa. accused some bishops of vexing and oppressing people, electioneering and lobbying, and attempting to take away people’s constitutional rights. Cafardi suggested that as a penalty the IRS could remove the Church’s tax exempt status or simply fine those bishops their per diem salaries every day they open their mouths against the HHS mandate or gay “marriage.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Bishops cannot be disenfranchised of their citizenship. Pronouncing on Catholic principles is not “lobbying, electioneering or attempting to take away people’s constitutional rights”. It is the right of the people to hear the TRUTH in Catholic principles. The IRS cannot tax donations of parishioners who have paid their taxes without causing taxation without representation. Two taxes with only one vote. A fake husband and a phony wife are a fraud and a perjury in a court of law. Same sex marriage is a lie. Nobody has a civil right to lie. Cafardi issues are nebulous at most and vague at least. He has not spelled out what his issues are and because he has no legitimate stand. Defining religious principles is not political activity. Cafardi is using the legitimate power of government to deny the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion to silence the Catholic Church.
One cannot be a Communist and a Catholic at the same time. One cannot be stupid and serious at the same time, either. His students ought to sue to get their tuition back.

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