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Boehner Endorses Romney. Epic Fail!!!

Wow. Use your words Boehner. On second thought...don't.

Say… do you remember that spirited, roller coaster ride of a primary race we had earlier this year? That was really something, wasn’t it? Most of you had your own preferred candidate and you got out there and supported them as best you could. We had debates and press conferences and rallies and all the rest of the streamers and balloons that go along with such a battle. Good times.

But now it’s over, and it’s time to get on board with the final push to November. While some sour grapes may remain among a few of the faithful, party leaders know that the focus has shifted and everyone has to get on message in support of a win this fall… Right, John?
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Has...anyone ever considered maybe Romney should run like that?

"Come on. Seriously. Think. What would I actually have to do, to be worse than this guy? I don't actually need a plan. 'Stop screwing with things' is already a massive improvement over Obama."

There's a saying in the military, attributed to a 19th-century Prussian general, Helmuth Moltke. It exists in many, many different forms, but it basically goes, "There are four kinds of officers. Stupid and lazy, smart and lazy, smart and energetic, and stupid and energetic. The first does no harm, the second is helpful when it's convenient, the third is optimum. And the last is a danger to any unit he's in charge of and should be discharged at the earliest opportunity."

Whatever you think of Romney's positions (I tend to think smart and lazy, in general), Obama is unquestionably stupid and energetic. Anything is preferable to that.

Anonymous said...

Good for Boehner for not selling out and trying to shill for Romney. A lot of REAL conservatives can rightly claim that we foresaw, and attempted to prevent, the consequences of heavy-handed Republican establishment types (along with Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter) ramming yet another horrible, neocon, status-quo, big-government Presidential candidate down our throats and pulling out all the stops to ensure that Romney won the nomination. We said it during the primary and I'll say it again: we won't vote for Romney. The Republican establishment does not own our votes; they don't get to ram through any horrendous candidate they darn well please and just assume we'll end up caving and voting for their candidate.

We currently have one of the worst presidents in American history, and he is going to win re-election no thanks to the Republican establishment types forcing Romney on us. That is pathetic. Elitist-arrogant as well as sheeple-type individuals will try to blame people like us because we won't sell out and vote for Romney. But this attitude is contemptible, as it shows that they have the audacity to expect that we should simply surrender our votes to the establishment. That attitude is weak-minded, pompous, and appalling. Your candidate, Romney, is awful. We tried to warn you, and you have yourselves to blame.

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