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Autobiography of a Hunted Priest

I just got done reading Evelyn Waugh's book about Edmund Campion and I'm thinking I'm definitely getting this book as the perfect follow up:

Truth is stranger than fiction. And nowhere in literature is it so apparent as in this classic work, the Autobiography of a Hunted Priest. This autobiography of a Jesuit priest in Elizabethan England is a most remarkable document and John Gerard, its author, a most remarkable priest in a time when to be a Catholic in England courted imprisonment and torture; to be a priest was treason by act of Parliament.
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Rouxfus said...

Another excellent historical novel on the same theme is Come Rack! Come Rope! by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson. The book is out of copyright, so it my be downloaded free in the IBooks store, or directly from Project Gutenberg.

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