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Sherry on the Real Cost of Children

The great Sherry Antonetti is dubious about the reported cost of children:

This just in, just in time for Father's Day, kids cost too darn much! By now you've seen the article that explained how expensive kids are today. I went to the government report to dig inside the numbers that created the sensational headline, "Ouch, that bundle of joy will set you back 234,900.00!"
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps we as a society have forgotten why we have careers and make money. It's not to pile up a bunch of money that we can't take with us when we die. It's not to be able to buy expensive cars that we don't need. We work to support life (hence "to make a living"). We work to support our families. In short, we work for our spouses and children. At least that's how it used to be... Has anyone calculated the cost of cable over the same period of time?

Jen Raiche said...

Agreed, Anon. I just read a quote that said, "economics as if people mattered." As Catholics, I think that's the form of economics we should always be about. Putting people first, and then the money second.

It's worked for us!

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