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Shameful Deeds and Sex-Selective Abortions

A note from Princeton professor Robert George on sex-selective abortions and the Catholics who vote for them:

Shameful deeds are almost always accompanied by shameless lies. Some members of Congress who shamefully voted against the prohibition of sex-selective abortions are shamelessly claiming (or permitting their spokesmen or surrogates to claim) that the proposed legislation was unnecessary because sex-selective abortions don't occur in the United States or are so rare as to make legislation unnecessary. The National Right to Life Committee has helpfully provided a link to the most up-to-date (2011) research paper on the question:
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Rover Serton said...

Didn't you write an article about a womens submarine? Don't you often write about the subservience of women? Women are second class in the Church so, it is better to have a boy than a girl.

Not my opinion, just a local observation.

federoff11 said...

Um, something about the "feminine genius" (Pope John Paul II, 1995) and the great number of female saints, as well as modern examples of GREAT Catholics like Flannery O'Conner, Dorthy Day, and Helen Arvare... would lead me to believe you had partaken of the wrong kool aid, buddy.

I'm no submarine.

Rover Serton said...

Women can be saints but not priests? All those GREAT Catholic women and none suitable to be a priest.

Until great women can do everything a man is allowed to do, I stand by my local observation.

Otherwise, boys trump girls.

( a eucher reference for those of you not from Michigan).

Rover Serton said...

Sorry to repost so early but, Billy Graham said his daugter was the best preacher of his children. No women preachers allowed in his sect so, she went to a different one.

Once again, boy trump girl.

Margaret said...

Until men are allowed to gestate babies, and be given the same level of veneration as the BVM, they will always have second class status.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Margaret!

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