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Most Terrifyingly Narcisistic Obama Pic...Evah!

This Memorial day pic is just unbelievable. Pundette has more and more on Obama's weakness being his own ego:

Finding himself unable to run on his record, Candidate Obama tries to snuggle up to various voting groups. But being Obama, he can't keep his ego from jumping into things. So he doesn't pretend to be a mere friend of Jews; he has to ludicrously hold himself up as an expert on Judaism. And he can't humbly honor American military service members who died in Viet Nam. He has to superimpose his glorious self over their sacrifice. Behold the White House photo of the day on Memorial Day:
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Anonymous said...

If President Obama is defeated in November, the love affair with the liberal media will live on. His public life will continue in a highly visible way. He WILL be campaigning for a reelection to the higghest office. Narcissism never dies.

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