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The Kind of Science that Scares Me

I wish I could regard in utero screening research with the joy it deserves. But I've seen too clearly what we tend to do with the information scientific advances provide. The latest from Wesley Smith is definitely worth reading:

The news that scientists can test a fetus’s genome through non-invasive means presents a crucial challenge to the moral integrity of society. Will these tests be used by parents and doctors to help prepare the family for a potentially special-needs child? Or instead, will this science accelerate the ongoing search and destroy mission to eugenically cleanse our progeny? In other words, will the fictional world of Gattaca now become fact?
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Mary De Voe said...

"nascent lives" Human lifes are never more alive than when they are innocent, virgin, and sovereign at conception, when they are endowed by "their Creator". Virginity, sovereignty and life are indivisible. One is either alive, sovereign and virgin or one is not, therefore, LIFE IS LIFE IS ALIVE.

Rover Serton said...

If I'm gonna have payments on a $250,000 car, I want it to have it run for at least a while. Same with a child.

If you can mentally and financially handle a profoundly special needs baby, you are a different person than I am. I have 2 perfect children and they were hard to raise. Happily I wasn't tested with a severely damaged one.

Knowing you were going to die and your child wouldn't have your care to protect him would kill me.

Jennifer Merkel said...

God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. You can't imagine raising a child that isn't "perfect" because you haven't been given the opportunity and the Grace. We don't receive the Grace to do God's will until we need it. You may look at another person's "damaged" child with fear over what it would be like, but if you are willing to open yourself to the beauty of another soul, rather than just the perfection on the outside, I think you would find that there are ways that a perfect soul in a challenged body may perfect you in ways you had never thought possible. At least I hope. No one is perfect. Please don't burden your children with expectations of perfection. Love them for who they are, and teach them to love others the same way.

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