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First Lady: Gay Marriage Teaches Kids "Basic Values"

So her values can be enforced but those values which are thousands of years old must be discarded:

Wait, what does it teach them? Via The Hill: First lady Michelle Obama, adding her support to her husband’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, said this week she supports marriage equality because she believes in the “basic values” of fairness and equality she taught her daughters.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I tried to post this earlier and I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if you did not approve it. Did you look at the comments section of this article you are linking to? What do you think of the things people are saying over there? Even if Michelle Obama is your personal enemy, this is not the way Christ taught us to treat our enemies. And the things people are saying about little girls who do not deserve under any circumstances to be talked about this way are disgusting and disturbing. If you are worried that gay marriage is going to ruin the moral fabric of society, I am afraid you are too late. Our society has no moral fabric as evidenced by this link on a "Christian" blog. Please take down this link or at least say something about the unchristian ugliness over there.

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