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Douthat on the Past and Future of Eugenics

Excellent piece by Ross Douthat of the New York Times.

THE current issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine includes a portrait of Irving Fisher, a Yale economics professor in the 1920s and ’30s and a giant of his field. The author, Richard Conniff, takes note of Fisher’s prodigious professional accomplishments and his private decency in order to foreground the real subject of his article: the economist’s role as one of his era’s highest-wattage proponents of eugenics.
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Jeanne said...

How sad/depressing to read the comments on Douthat's article. The majority of commenters mock his linking of eugenics to the liberal mindset as paranoia, yet make his case by endorsing abortion for any fetus that shows abnormalities. They justify the "choice" as ethical based on economics, compassion (for the disabled and the parents), overpopulation, and choice. It is frightening how many NY Times readers share these views.

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