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Church Would be Forced to Perform Gay Marriages

William Oddie writes:

How far can we trust the government of David Cameron when it claims that its proposed legislation purporting to establish “gay marriage” will not apply to marriages in church — as though that was our main concern? It isn’t, of course: marriage is marriage: what we are objecting to among much else is the sheer impertinence of a local legislature, at one particular point in history, claiming to have the authority to change what through the ages has been universally accepted: that marriage (civil or religious) is between one man and one woman. What Cameron now intends to do is to make a distinction between religious and civil marriage of a kind that nobody has previously accepted: marriage is marriage. A civil marriage is accepted by the Church as being as valid as a religious one. Now that will change.
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Mary De Voe said...

What would the priest or the civil servant be witness to? A man and a man promising to be a husband and a fake wife or a woman and a woman promising to be a wife and a fake husband? Can civil servant give testimony to a fake husband or a fake wife without committing perjury? I am sure that if a priest wrote "a man and his fake wife" on a marriage certificate, he would not be violating any of God's laws, especially the law to tell the truth.

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