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Catholic Confusion on Enhancements

Rebecca Taylor breaks down why Catholicism don't truck with genetic engineering:

I have to confess that I am a bit disheartened. I find that my fellow Catholics are having trouble really connecting with the Church’s teaching regarding genetic engineering. Some very smart, thoughtful and faithful Catholics are having difficulty with the distinction between gene therapy, which is genetic engineering to fix a genetic pathology, and genetic enhancement, which is genetic engineering to an otherwise healthy person to make them super-human in strength, intelligence, or infused with non-human traits like night vision or glow-in-the-dark skin.
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Blackrep said...

The philosophical problem that you never seem to address when you write on this topic is that physical nature is not static, but an ever-changing thing. You speak as if there is an immutable template we cannot stray from. However, our physical nature is changed by natural selection on a daily basis. This change is not wrong when nature does it. Why exactly is it wrong when humans direct it, as long as the principles of justice and dignity are upheld? Farther back in our genetic evolution, would you have argued against opposable thumbs or the emergence of the larger brain? No.

People's common sense tells them no one's dignity will be violated if genetic enhancement lets them live a better life.

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