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Catholic College Prof. is Planned Parenthood Board Member


A psychology professor at the College of Saint Rose in New York whose “teaching interests” include “Psychology of Women and Gender” as well as “Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexuality” is also an active board member of Planned Parenthood. Ellen Cole, who acted as a board member of Planned Parenthood in Alaska from 2003-2007, was hired by the College of Saint Rose in Albany as a full-time visiting professor in 2010. She wrote on the St. Rose website that the college’s commitment to “passion, knowledge, and purpose” enticed her.
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Anonymous said...

The absolute disgrace regarding this is that many Catholic colleges will not hire the brightest and the best that graduate from Catholic colleges. If the applicant/professor does not pass their 'smell test' (translated pro-abort, pro gay,anti-vatican etc, they literally will not be considered for the job.

Anonymous said...

Albany, NY. Not surprised.

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