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29 Homilies by Origen Found!

This is pretty cool. Let me know when I can download them to my Nook:

The Vatican newspaper reports that 29 previously unpublished homilies said to be the work of one of the most important early church fathers have been discovered in a German library. The 3rd Century theologian Origen of Alexandria is considered to have played a critical role in the development of Christian thought. Pope Benedict, himself a theologian, dedicated two of his 2007 weekly church teaching sessions to the importance of Origen's life and work.
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Banshee said...

You can download the PDFs right now, for free, from the library in Bavaria.

Of course, those of us who don't read Greek, even enough to take advantage of the Byzantine paleography thing posted by Alex Poulos on his blog, will have to wait a bit to join in on the fun.

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