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Who are The Living Catholics You Look Up To?

This is a pretty interesting poll. Check it out on Facebook.Continue reading>>>

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Elizabeth said...

Is there any way to see this poll/article without being part of the Facebook world? I don't have an account, nor want one. Maybe there's a way to see it that I'm not aware of?

Anonymous said...

Marie "Bai" Macfarlane,

as well as every person who has fought to defend their marriages and remained
faithful to their vows while falling victim to unjust divorces encouraged by the
Catholic Church Marriage Tribunal System.

These are women and men of living heroic virtue, particularly those who lose
custody of their children to their, frequently, adulterous spouses and those who see their marriages found null but who remain faithful to them.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Sebelius, Kerry, Biden and Pelosi. But, then that might just be me.

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