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White House's Laughable Gay Marriage Position

You know, anyone who is for traditional marriage is called "outside the mainstream" and "extreme" but if that's true why won't the White House just come out and say they're for traditional marriage. Oh, it's because there's an election coming. Check out how laughable their position is at Ace.

Joe Biden announces he's "absolutely comfortable" with gay marriage, and lauds it as only being about "who do you love," while still refusing to actually endorse it. His whole pitch here is that "people are beginning to understand" -- that is, he's almost straight-up admitting he's lying, and that he (and Obama) are in favor of gay marriage, but are waiting for the public to fully "understand."
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Amy said...

This isn't laughable. THIS is the newly orchestrated wedge issue that Obama is hoping will drive voters away from Romney.

Mary De Voe said...

Every person alive came into being through one man and one woman, a mother and a father. (Md. Catholic) everything else is ingratitude. Cross posted at ACE

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