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Teen Tebows at Graduation, Punished

Florida teen has diploma withheld, ordered to clean school gym after Tebowing during graduation ceremony. He wasn't even serious and he got punished. Continue reading>>>

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Anonymous said...

Funny, the punishment was his mom's idea.

Mary De Voe said...

The graduate would not have had to TEBOW if there had been a convocation and some kind of acknowledgement of Divine Providence. Mom was embarrassed by her son's prayer. Now, If he had flunked and brought a gun to school, that would be OK as long as one does not try to practice their freedom of speech and peaceable assembly. Mom will not allow freedom. Some lesson. Where was the applause?

Anonymous said...

Mary, Guns ok at school? Saying Jesus would have prevented this? "Mom will not allow freedom"? Did you read this before posting?

"Get off my lawn!"


humorless Joe said...

By his own words he didn't do it as prayer, "I just thought it was fun," Shriner said. "I was just doing it to make graduation memorable." And any boy who could say this publicly' "She was really mad," he said. "But I think it was worth it."' has a lot of growing up to do. He comes across as a jerk who probably spoiled the graduation for the person who came across the stage after him, while the audience was laughing, except for the parents of the next student.

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