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Swiss Clergy Offer Communion to Divorced and Remarried

Pray Tell blog has this sad story:

Communion for the remarried: Swiss clergy and laity disobey, and head of German bishops calls for change in discipline
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Anonymous said...

A sincere THANK YOU for posting this. Reading the comments, which are filled with justifications for all sorts of perversions of what the Catholic Church has taught for centuries, is a clear indication of the
dire state of Catholicism. If one thinks these opinions are isolated and not shared by large numbers of clergy and laity one is deluded.

This is a circumstance which should have resulted in swift, canonical actions respecting those clerics, including bishops taking part and supporting such insurrection. It is a scandal what is being done and what is not being done to address it.

The Catholic Church spits on the marriages of those of us who are faithful and mocks our suffering at the hands of our malicious abandoners and those who support them, when it fiddles around these issues rather than immediately and forcefully taking

There is no excuse for Roman inaction. None.


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