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Obama Lies About Gay Marriage

He says it's not a national issue but a state one but then says that state laws about it are illegal.

When President Obama came out last week in favor of redefining marriage, he couched his opinion in the context of federalism, saying, “I think it is a mistake to — try to make what has traditionally been a state issue into a national issue.” During that same interview, however, he declared that a bipartisan law designed to protect states from judges who redefine marriage in other states, is “unconstitutional.” It’s very hard to square these two statements.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

"Obama lies about gay marriage."

In other news.....

Pope is Catholic

Sun rises in east


Mark Shea is obnoxious




Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Actually, Patrick, you could have left out the phrase, "about gay marriage" and still be accurate.

Anonymous said...

why do you link to weasel zippers and not the original article?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, why should that matter? It's the article that's important, not the medium.

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