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Obama: I'm for Gay Marriage So Give Me $$$

Obama To Supporters After Gay Marriage Flip: Donate To My Campaign “If You Agree”…Shameless.
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Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of this country I honestly believe we're in the last days. If Obama is re-elected, we're moving south to a Catholic country.

Rover said...

He'll get more money from my family due to his "coming out". Cherry picking parts of the bible to hate on people is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Gay 4 Pay, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Chicago Jesus is quite the bu$ine$$man. His store is now offering BLT items [Yes it's LGBT... sounds like a sandwich. Don't it? And no link so he can get free traffic.]

Anyway, one T-shirt has a catchy slogan: I'm Out for Obama

One way or another, Obama always seems to make it about him for his aggrandizement. Even his daughters aren't off limits for his political aims. He used his girls as catalysts for his "evolution."

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