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Now They Want Free Abortions?

Come on. Who didn't see that coming? Adrienne is all fired up over it. Continue reading>>>

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Pattymelt said...

So I looked up the PSL.org that was on the posters, and here is what I found:

The Program of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

1. Part 1: The struggle for socialism
2. Part 2: A new government of working and poor people

Who we are, what we stand for

1. Introduction
2. Part 1: The validity of Marxism and Leninism
3. Part 2: The U.S. drive for global domination
4. Part 3: The U.S. working class today
5. Part 4: The need for a revolutionary party

Pretty scary, huh?

Mary De Voe said...

If all men are created equal, how is it that some men are not persons? Is it that some men are created more equal than other men? According to Roe v. Wade, the sovereign personhood of some men is more equal than the sovereign personhood of other men. Freedom, free will and unalienable rights endowed to some men are more equal to the freedom, free will and unalienable rights endowed to other men. Although freedom, free will and unalienable rights are endowed by God, unalienable rights measured by man come up short for some and for others, unalienable rights come up larger than life. Even though sovereign personhood is endowed by God, some sovereign persons are more sovereign and have more personhood than others.

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