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NC Reporter Lies About Archdiocese?

The Media Report has the story:

The left-wing National Catholic Reporter newspaper is suggesting that a newly discovered 27-year-old letter somehow may be evidence that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles knew that a priest it had welcomed from England had been accused of child abuse there. In fact, even a cursory look at the 1985 letter reveals that such a claim is blatantly untrue!
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Scott W. said...

The moral obtuseness of progressives on this story is staggering. The powers that be in England told LA that the priest was in an adult homosexual relationship. For us normal people, that's a red flag that at the very least warrants futher investigation and really warrants outright rejection. Had the diocese done this however, and it was leaked, progressives would have been howling bloody murder because for them, there is really nothing wrong with homosexual sex and deep-seated homosexual attractions. So the archdiocese did what any good progressive would have done and gave him a pass. Now, here they are trying to have it both ways.

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