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The Least News Worthy Thing Notre Dame Ever Did

They're gonna' try to ignore us to death:

When the University of Notre Dame wins a football game, it’s headlines. When Notre Dame loses a football game, it’s headlines. When Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins decides to honor President Barack Obama, it’s a decision that launches a thousand headlines. Simply put, Notre Dame makes headlines. But when arguably the nation’s best-known Catholic university–together with the U.S. bishops’ Catholic University of America, Franciscan University of Steubenville, the University of St. Francis, and a number of dioceses and other Catholic institutions–sues the Obama administration for attempting to strip Catholic institutions of their religious freedom, it’s met with all but silence by the media.
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Lee Gilbert said...

Yeah, it's kind of disappointing that our mortal enemies, the main stream mass media, will do nothing to advance our cause, show us in a good light, convey our values. Why, they haven't given adequate coverage to the Pro-life March on Washington since its beginning. It is similar to other scandalous situations, for example when the Axis powers didn't give aid and comfort to the Allied powers in WWII, but rather tried to destroy them. It just goes to show you . . .

That we have no idea what kind of a battle we are in, what a winning strategy might be, why we are losing .

Engaging the enemy on his own ground and on his own terms, expecting his aid to win the battle, not what you would call a sophisticated strategy-our approach for the past forty years and more.

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