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Help in Time of Miscarriage

I'm glad Karen Edmisten wrote this book "after miscarriage." A lot of folks go through this and often nobody around them even knows:

When I lost my second child to miscarriage nearly 20 years ago, I searched Catholic bookstores in vain for a book on miscarriage. I suffered interiorly for years, until my parish held a healing Mass on Feb. 2 (feast of the Presentation) for mothers who had lost a baby. It was an extraordinary evening of grace. We named our babies, writing their names on certificates which were laid upon the altar as we entrusted them to Christ. Relishing the peace I found in this Mass, I thought, Someone should write a book for Catholic mothers who have miscarried. I am grateful that such a book has been written by gifted writer and devout Catholic Karen Edmisten. It is an exquisite collection of reflections that tenderly embrace the bruised soul of a grieving mother.
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