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God Has a Sense of Humor. Do You?

I love the pics in this one by Rebecca Frech:

The longer I blog, the more I read, the more I become convinced that there's an underground network of Christian people who have decided that laughter is a sin. I've been chastised for my sarcasm, seen others ridiculed for their satire, and read the comments of too-many-to-count who seem to think faith=no sense of humor. Well, I hate to break it to those people, but God's funny. It's often a dry sense of humor which makes you question if He was serious or not, but sometimes it's flat out slapstick....and the sarcasm? I love it! Do you realize that if sarcasm were a sin there'd be no Irishmen in Heaven? It's a fact. I know it is. Trust me. I've met quite a few Irishmen
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Rebecca Frech said...

Thanks for the link, Matt!

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